Our Journey

2014 › FOUNDED

The beginning of the road

It was Summer of 2014 when the idea struck that Gift Cards is another form of currency. A Gift Card has a cash value, but the funds could not be easily converted to cash. However, it can be resold in exchange for cash. This is where the journey began for Gift Cards Xchange as we opened up our first Kiosk location in Westfield UTC Mall, San Diego, CA.


Nationwide Online

When we started this company, our goal was to be the best in our town and to extend our reach to other neighbored cities. Our vision has grown since then. Now looking to expand Nationwide we've launched our E-commerce website to cater across the states.


On the move and rolling

We soon made tracks with the locals and took off to a great accelerating start. The GCX mobile was the clean machine money green!


Local Buzz

Word quickly spread throughout San Diego County, as consumers posted about our business on social media. Sharing stories of how we have helped them in times of need when short on cash and faced with financial situations. They were able to get the funds in exchange for unused gift cards.


Expanding Our Reach

With our rapid growth, we opened a New location in Mission Valley Mall which is central of the city, a closer commute for the residents of the town. We had consumers take photos astonished that they can trade in their gift cards for cash to spend at another store within the mall. It was a hit as our presence became the spotlight to shoppers browsing the mall.


Our Mascot "Twinkie"

With our popularity increasing, gaining fans in sharing the same interest of saving money with discounted gift cards as well as exchanging for cash. We decided to have a mascot as it only made sense. We presented Twinkie the Gift Card Corgi of Gift Cards Xchange. Which started our own community. Every Holiday, Twinkie would pick out prizes to give out to the lucky winners of our giveaways.


Cash me out Santa!

Christmas season is Gift Card season. Gift Card to cash exchange will be an all time high this year.


Cash Center Agents

We have begun to partner with other vendors that will act as our Cash Out Agent. Offering our services from their storefront. Greater catering to the locals of our hometown San Diego. As we focus on increasing our online market presence providing to the rest of the states.


We got this

A small family business evolving into an enterprise just doesn't happen overnight. We take pride in what we do, to deliver an honest service while protecting both parties from any bad experiences this industry may have. We may still be a young company but we make sure its all done right.


Restoring Economy Cash Flow

Every year $1 Billion in gift cards go unused. At Gift Cards Xchange we have commandeered the unused gift card problem. We are able to securely place those unused gift cards back in circulation, back into the retail revenue. Boosting the economy with the missing cash flow, as we take unwanted gift cards and place into the hands that can use them. We pride ourselves as we are backed by the Better Business Bureau.


No Pressure! No Really, Count on US

We promise a smooth experience while selling and buying gift cards. Susan's here got you covered. She may need a break in between but she gets the job done. You won't have to worry about any of the hard stuff. Just look forward to the cash payout and discounted savings.


Repurposing for Rewards

Not everyone will be able to shop with certain gift card brands, but they would take some cash for it instead. Here is an exchange service that we offer to the people, at the same time we resell them to consumers that do seek those gift cards in return for a discounted rate. At Gift Cards Xchange you either get cash or save money. So give yourself a reward today.


At Gift Cards Xchange, we actively update our website periodically to enhance user experience. Doing so keeps us on the edge of technology as we lead the Gift Card Industry. While improvements are rolled out, it is normal to have a bug once awhile that we need to work out the kinks. If you happen to notice a bug, we'd appreciate letting us know here. That way we can whip out our can of bug spray and it make it go away. We thank you in advance for helping Gift Cards Xchange become the #1 Gift Card Network.

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